Goal Oriented.

SRA begins with a goal. That goal provides clients with the most accurate and timely industry experience to ensure maximum value in the sale of their business. The market price or the value of your business is not the same as what your business can actually sell for. This is where SRA's experience, patience, timing and being acquainted with the right associates, transforms simply selling a business into a strategy for getting maximum value. Every step of the SRA plan is a unique creation, individualized to your set of circumstances.

Results Driven.

SRA's unparalleled industry knowledge results in customized solutions for growing and evolving companies. Unmatched experience has allowed the company to establish long-standing relationships that are beneficial to buyers and sellers.

SRA's unparalleled reputation among a broad network of buyers, sellers and capital sources in the medical service and supply industry translates into results for clients.

Success Second to None.

An integrated, industry-focused approach leads SRA to success for its clients - consistently delivering innovative solutions. This success is further based on the following unique distinctions that make SRA different from all other firms;

  • Exclusive Industry Focus
  • Integrated Teamwork
  • Long-term Relationships
  • Professional Experience
  • Customized Strategies

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